Chickweed, vassarve/fuglegress...a nourishing and strengthening food / by Ingvild Flesland

We have all seen her,in the garden,in the wild ,in the city...she grows everywhere. She is the tiny star-lady,and she has the ability to make the borders between heaven and earth permeable so we easier can travel between states of consciousness, the cell membranes thin so that nutrients are absorbed and utilized to the maximum,and she is a nourisher to the glandular and lymphatic system. She also melts away ovarian cysts and testicle problems like nothing was ever there...

She can do many other fab things,but we will concentrate on the fact that she is a great food source and makes a great salad and pesto ingredient, together with basil ,or any other aromatic herb you want to use for your pesto.

Chickweed grows in the cool and moist,and preferable rich soil. She grows behind pots in the garden,on the north side of the vegetables/flower-beds.She grows on riverbanks,and near the water.

You harvest her with some scissors,and she will grow back thicker and stronger. Just like with the nettle,I keep patches in my garden where she is allowed to grow strong and plentiful.

There is no need to clean her,just put her right into your food.

Chickweed pesto

1 cup fresh chickweed

1 cup fresh basil

2 cloves garlic

1/2 cup olive oil

100g hard cheese,like Parmesan/goat or sheep cheese

a squeeze of lemon ,some salt and pepper,if wanted.

Make it in a big,stone mortar or use the kitchen machine or a blender, and mix it all together.

Resources; extract from “Healing Wise” by Susun Weed