Rosehips,keeping us warm through the cold season/Nypelig og varm med nypesuppe / by Ingvild Flesland

Last fall I rediscovered the Rose-hips as a food source,and went totally crazy with it. I kept collecting them  as long as I could,before the frost got them. And I promised myself that next fall I would start early harvesting these gems,and dry them or freeze them for the winter.

The other beauty of Rose-hips is that they grow in such abundance all along our area, and both the wild ones and the cultivated once makes wonderful soups and gels.

Rose-hips are known to have a high content of Vitamin C . But they have other qualities that may not be as well known. They are also very rich in flavonoids,that are powerful antioxidants,and considered very important in that they protect the body from oxidation and inflammation.Oxidation and inflammation are stresses on our bodies, and as we know, stress causes aging.

From the red color(fire/warmth/inspiration) of the rose-hips,it would be considered strengthening to the heart,from a Chinese medicine perspective. And put in western medicine language, the flavonoids have indeed been shown to promote a healthy heart and cardiovascular system,by reducing inflammation and preventing plaque buildup in the arteries. So rose-hips assist in keeping the blood running more smoothly and strongly,which is good for the circulation and helps us keep warm.

The other very important ingredient in this soup,is gelatin. Gelatin has lately become the Rolls-Roy's of protein powders,because of its many very healing properties. And in short,also here because of its anti inflammatory amino acids,and because of its ability to heal our digestive system,and of course for its ability to build muscles and supportive tissues in the body. In this combination,it also have the function that it makes the soup into a full meal,by balancing the carbohydrates .I will talk more about gelatin in a separate post.

   Rose-hip soup the easy way!/Nypelig nypesuppe!

7 dl fresh rose-hips,cleaned and flower-tips removed

1,5l water

1,3 dl organic sugar

2-3 tbs powdered gelatin or 4-5 plates of gelatin.

lemon juice

a dash of coconut oil i.e. cocosa, for our fat-burning and maybe some cayenne-pepper for some extra spiciness!

Pour the rose-hips into the water in a casserole and cook for 20 min. Liquify with a stavmixer or a blender. Strain the soup through a fine mashed sieve(I stir around with a spoon to quickly separate the juice from the seeds) and discard of the seeds.                                                       Pour the smooth rose-hip soup back into the casserole,add sugar and a squeeze of lemon,if desired,and heat up again. Mix the gelatin-powder with some lukewarm water or if you use the plates,let them lay in cild water till soft ,and then mix it into the soup. Cook it up while stirring to mix the gelatin in.

Serve warm with some whipped cream, and enjoy!

Ps,when the soup becomes cold,it will set like a gel. But you only have to heat it again,and there you have your soup once more!