Rose,love,love / by Ingvild Flesland

The rose as a fragrance, that is carried through it's essential oil,has a particular affinity to the heart. It has a deep psychological effect on all the matters of the heart,and is comforting in times of sorrow,helps to ease psychological pain, and open the doors to love ,friendship and empathy.

Rose works on all levels,beginning with balancing our physical body, and then penetrating our innermost being.

Rose oil is a tonic, and reduces infection and relieves cramps. And therefor very good in treating things caused by too strong contracting energies i.e. migraine headaches,in particular together with balm oil/ Melissa.

It is also particularly good to balance the females hormone system, as it strengthen the uterus,regulates menstruation,and relieves menstrual cramps.

Rose oil is said to be an aphrodisiac,and stimulating sensuality.

And in times of child bearing and birth ,rose oil is said to relieve mood swing and to support during difficult times and birth.

Any transitions is made easier with the help of the rose.


Now , many of these more medical effects may require that you use a pure essential oil of rose, which is much stronger and concentrated , and with the help of some one that knows the art of aroma therapy. But I think the more subtle effects of the rose oil will carry through and give some of the same comfort ,through infusing oil with rose petals from your own roses in your garden. And maybe even more so because of the love and attention that you have given your roses,and the pleasure of creating your own home made oil, and bringing the summer with you into the winter months.


An other aspect of this is that you have complete control over what goes ON your body and thereby IN your body. Within minutes the creams that you put on your body ,is in your blood stream,and feeding all your cells and internal organs. Today ,Norwegians are on the top of the world (not hurrah) having the highest amount of weird and toxic substances, in our bodies. Since I don't think the food and water we eat and drink in Norway is any worse than the rest of the world, it is obvious that it has to do with the amount of creams and body-care products we put on our body today. And since everybody can afford to "treat" our selves with lots of “nice” body care, our body is full of parabens,and other strange,unnatural agents that is put into all the “nice” body care products. Today we do not know the whole story of what all these really do to us, but one thing is sure, I don't think it is going to be very" nice"!

This is how I do it;

Since I use coconut oil,which is solid in low temperatures ,I warm it up till it is liquid ,in a water-bath. A good quality olive oil or almond oil can also be used.

Pick the roses on a dry and warm day,and when all water have evaporated from the roses. This is important,since water on the herb or in the glass, could make it grow moldy.

Put the rose petals into a clean ,sterile glass with a lid.

Slowly pour over the oil, while once in a while,poking with chopstick or a knife,to get all air out of the oil-rose mixture.Completely cover the rose petals,and fill the jar to the rim with the oil,so that there is no room for any air.

You may have to top up the jar with some more oil and rose petals next day,since the plant material will soak up some of the oil.

Put the lid on, label it with content and date,and let it sit for two weeks. Now you can strain the oil from the plant material,and put on a clean jar.

Ready to use, massages,baby massage,body clean you can even use it for cooking!