St Johns Wort/Johannesurt/Hypericum..liquid sunshine! / by Ingvild Flesland

St JohansWort has for ages been used and regarded as a special and magic herb,because of its healing properties. And is also today used widely for its uplifting qualities,as it is a dependable reliever of blues, for sleeplessness, digestive problems, colic, liver problems, kidney and bladder discomforts,and for it's skin healing qualities.

For light depressions,feelings of sadness,difficult times,stressed times,this herb is a very safe and good ally. And in Germany,it is used more than all the other antideressiva together,and they can show many scientific studies that this herb is as effective as Prozac (Fontex in Norway) and other similar medications,and have none of the negative effects . For stronger depressions,though,it is advised to get professional help.

The beauty of using this herb compared to pharmaceutical medicines,is that through its constituents and many active ingredients plus the synergy effect of them together,it support and build us,instead of only suppressing symptoms.

The plant also strengthen our immune system,have natural antibiotics in it and kills bacteria.

Used externally, as an oil or salve, it is used to heal wounds, burns ,eczemas that respond well to sun treatment.

Also as a muscle relaxant,and pains in joints...

All together,this is a herb to have in your home pharmacy.

To make a oil of the St Johns Wort;

Pick the fresh flowers and buds on a dry and sunny day,chop them up and put in a clean glass jar with a lid. Pour over a good oil,like olive,almond or coconut oil(needs to be warm enough to keep in a fluid form). Put the lid on and leave in a warm place,like a sun drenched window sill,for 6 weeks,and shake it once in a while.

Then drain the oil out of the flowers, and it now should have a deep red color. Add some drops of vit.E oil to keep it from going rancid.

To make tincture of St Johns Wort;

Internally used,then preferably as a bright ,red tincture, (not as capsules as they are said to be creating sun sensitivity)..liquid sunshine,as Susan Weed calls it,it can be taken,one dropper full,1-3 times a day,for months or years if needed.

Do as above,but instead of oil,you pour over 60% alcohol. Put the lid on ,label it with name and date , and leave for two weeks ,again in a warm place. Drain the herbs out of the alcohol,and store on a clean glass/bottle.

Use directly on the skin for wound healing,eczema, and as a sun screen.

As a tea;

Take 2 tea-spoons of dried flowers in a cup of hot water and steep for 10 min. Drink one to three cups a day..will keep the doctor away!!