Spicy,sweet,succulent Marshmallows / by Ingvild Flesland

A Marshmallow will make any hot drinks into something very special..be it when you drink your coffee,hot chocolate or tea,it will sweeten your life,and the foam will feel luxurious and satisfying.In addition,it contains gelatin,..sure to support your digestion as you drink,give your muscles and tendon strength and flexibility, and tone your skin.And of course you can make it with the healthiest sugars, that feed your liver and thereby smooth your life. (do you really belive that sweet is bad for you?) This is how you make your own super-tasty Marshmallows.

-2 1/2 tablespoons gelatine granulates

-1 dl cold water

2 1/2 dl maple sirup

-2 1/2 dl coconut-flower-suger

-1 dl water

-a pinch of cayenne pepper,

-a pinch of cinnamon

-one teaspoon of pure vanilla-powder or 2,5 tablespoons vanilla suger

-one teaspoon honey

This is how to;

Whisk the gelatin granules with one dl water,til it is has dissolved into light and foam-like substance(one minute or so)

Pour the sugar,sirup and the remaining one dl of water into a pot, and let it boil for 5 min.

Add the hot sugar-sirup to the gelatin and the spices. Whisk til it becomes light in color and thick,approximately 10 min.At the end of the whisking, add a teaspoon of honey.

Pour it into a flat container,greased with coconut oil or with flour melis.

Let it sit for some hours til stiff,then take it out of the form,and cut into little squares with a scissor. Dust with melis if wanted,and store in a container.